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From the jump...and then progressively throughout our interactions, Maria has been an absolute GEM to work with! I truly believe that Maria has and actively uses the ability to instantly scoop people up with her glowing personality, incredibly insightful intellect, willingness and even better, desire to collaborate with others' mentality and spirit to make you want to curl up in her heart and never leave.
Molly T.

Own Your Career

We don't have full control over all aspects of our careers, but we can control our mindset. In this workshop, we'll explore practical tactics for making every day an opportunity to improve and grow into our goals. 
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Compelling Storytelling

The human mind is interesting - it's not built to remember data and numbers, but it is built to remember a story. So, in order to make an impact or a point, you need a story to capture and retain your audiences attention - both in the room, and after you finish. In this workshop, we'll explore how effective storytelling can set you apart and guide your career path.
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New Manager 90 Day Success Plan

We usually get promoted because we're really good at being an individual contributor. But, here's the thing - all of the skills that made you a great IC won't make you a great manager. In fact, they can often get in the way. You get once chance to nail the first 90 days with your new team. This workshop equips newly promoted managers with a strategy for releasing control, holding teams accountable, and developing sustainable processes. 
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Actor Skills for Business People

Remember the last meeting you were in, or the last conference call you were on? Were you feeling engaged, or were you distracted by the latest news article or email? Now think about the last call or meeting you led - if people aren't engaged, you aren't being heard. In this highly interactive workshop, you'll explore how core acting skills can be your secret weapon in the world of business. 
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Improv for Business

I can't count the number of times I've prepared for a meeting, and when I arrive things need to change - a key stakeholder can't make it, we now only have 30 minutes instead of 2 hours, the conference call equipment isn't working, and the list goes on. My improv training has been my saving grace in these situations. In this up-on-your-feet workshop, we'll explore the power of improv to arm you for the unexpected, and have a little fun in the process.
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