What if training wasn't boring?

Let's face it, most training doesn't inspire excitement, and that's because most training just plain stinks. 

Building an effective course involves more than just a powerpoint deck. It needs to be built for interaction, application, and connection to your audience's needs to have an impact. Oh, and it can be fun too. 

Working with Maria

I've worked with a LOT of content creation teams over the years, and Maria is the one person I can just hand a project to and know for certain it's going to come back better than what I had envisioned.  Not only that, but I'm better at this now because of what she's taught me in the process.
Jesse Evans - Facebook, Customer Education Manager

Learning Content Creation

We'll work together to define learning objectives for your project, and determine the right learning format to reach your goals. We'll then move into design when I'll build your in-person, virtual, or video course. Always included is a facilitator guide that you or your L&D teams can use to deliver effective and enjoyable training every time. 
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Complete Learning Program Design

Each organization has different educational needs - be they for internal enablement or creating an engaged and empowered customer base. Your program should also be an extension of your brand experience. We'll work together to build:
  • A one year strategic plan for building your program
  • A 3 year vision for your program's future
  • Initial course list and future roadmap
  • Identify system requirements and configurations (Learning Management System, integrations, etc)
  • Success metrics for your program
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Train the Trainer

Knowing the information doesn't make a trainer. There are key facilitation and pedagogical skills the need to be present to make an impact. This service is designed to make everyone delivering courses truly effective  be they formal trainers or SMEs.

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