Harness Your Public Speaking Superpowers by Maria Marquis

Harness Your Public Speaking Superpowers

What if you felt completely at ease during every presentation? Stop struggling with anxiety and confidence. Master a predictable process for effective preparation, organization, and delivery all grounded in your unique style. You've got a strategic advantage. Let's harness it!
"Maria truly wants to bring the best out of people, and she's darn good at it."
Joe S.

Hi, I'm Maria!

I created the Harnessing Your Public Speaking Powers Masterclass because I was tired of the best ideas not being heard in the world of work. I want everyone to have the skills to make an impact, drive change, and make every meeting engaging (even if it's after lunch!). 

How the course works

I get it - you're busy! So, I've  designed the course to help you make progress at your own speed while still getting support from an actual human. 

The course is a blend of self-paced and live instruction. You'll get:
  • Video courses 
  • Downloadable tools and exercises for each module
  • Twice monthly group coaching calls
  • Monthly individual feedback from me
  • Q&A forum 
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So, what can you expect?

Module 1

We'll start by discovering your unique superpowers and your customized game plan on how to best leverage your innate gifts and reduce the impact of your weaknesses.

Module 2

You'll learn my foolproof preparation method that flexes with any time constraint so you can:
  • Prepare effectively and efficiently
  • Convert a big idea into a bite-sized experience

Module 3

I'll share my interactive and compelling delivery methods so you can:
  • Deliver an engaging presentation every time
  • Communicate your message effectively based on your audience's needs
  • Discover ways to make your voice more animated
  • Handle challenging objections
  • Never be boring again

Module 4

Since I can't always be by your side, I'll teach you my post-presentation debrief method so you can:
  • Make continuous improvement
  • Finally master the anxiety and self-doubt that come with public speaking

What's included?

Video Icon 16 videos File Icon 18 files Text Icon 1 text file

Harness Your Public Speaking Superpowers

Access the Inner Circle
Discover Your Strengths
Lesson 1 - What's in the Way?
9 mins
Lesson 2 - Discover Your Superpowers
16 mins
Take the Superpower Quiz
Lesson 3 - Core Principles
5 mins
Tool - Flexing Your Strengths
430 KB
Tool - The Reframe/Rebuttal
221 KB
Tool - Flexing Core Principles
59.8 KB
Foolproof Preparation
Lesson 1 - Introduction to the 5th Grade Framework
4 mins
Lesson 2 - Why
5 mins
Lesson 3 - Who
7 mins
Lesson 4 - When
8 mins
Lesson 5 - Where
8 mins
Lesson 6 - What and How
7 mins
Bonus - Simon Sinek's Ted Talk on the Power of Why
Tool - Blended Audiences Tips
35.5 KB
Tool - Fifth Grade Framework Worksheet
107 KB
Tool - Timeframe Preparation Checklists
315 KB
Tool - In-Person Prep Checklist
208 KB
Tool - Virtual Prep Checklist
219 KB
Present Like a Pro
Lesson 1 - The Moment Before
6 mins
Lesson 2 - Activate Your Voice
17 mins
Lesson 3 - Interactive Presenting.mp4
16 mins
Lesson 4 - Dealing with Difficult People
14 mins
Tool - Moment Before
170 KB
Tool - Vocal Warmup
210 KB
Tool - Question Builder
175 KB
Tool - Dealing with Doubters
4.98 MB
Mastering Anxiety and Continuous Improvement
Lesson 1 - This is Your Brain on Presentations
12 mins
Lesson 2 - Power of Reflection
5 mins
Lesson 3 - Plan for Success
7 mins
Tool - Be Your Own Coach
179 KB
Tool - Build an Experiment
92.4 KB
Bonus - Circle of Influence versus Circle of Control
Some Helpful Books