Harness Your Public Speaking Superpowers by Maria Marquis

Harness Your Public Speaking Superpowers

What if you felt completely at ease during every presentation? Stop struggling with anxiety and confidence. Master a predictable process for effective preparation, organization, and delivery all grounded in your unique style. You've got a strategic advantage. Let's harness it!

Launches on September 21st, 2020

"Maria truly wants to bring the best out of people, and she's darn good at it."
Joe S.

Hi, I'm Maria!

I created the Harnessing Your Public Speaking Powers Masterclass because I was tired of the best ideas not being heard in the world of work. I want everyone to have the skills to make an impact, drive change, and make every meeting engaging (even if it's after lunch!). 

How the course works

I get it - you're busy! So, I've  designed the course to help you make progress at your own speed while still getting support from an actual human. 

The course is a blend of self-paced and live instruction. You'll get:
  • Video courses 
  • Downloadable tools and exercises for each module
  • Twice monthly group coaching calls
  • Monthly individual feedback from me
  • Q&A forum 
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So, what can you expect?

Module 1

We'll start by discovering your unique superpowers and your customized game plan on how to best leverage your innate gifts and reduce the impact of your weaknesses.

Module 2

You'll learn my foolproof preparation method that flexes with any time constraint so you can:
  • Prepare effectively and efficiently
  • Convert a big idea into a bite-sized experience

Module 3

I'll share my interactive and compelling delivery methods so you can:
  • Deliver an engaging presentation every time
  • Communicate your message effectively based on your audience's needs
  • Discover ways to make your voice more animated
  • Handle challenging objections
  • Never be boring again

Module 4

Since I can't always be by your side, I'll teach you my post-presentation debrief method so you can:
  • Make continuous improvement
  • Finally master the anxiety and self-doubt that come with public speaking

What's included?

Video Icon 16 videos File Icon 18 files Text Icon 1 text file

Harness Your Public Speaking Superpowers

Access the Inner Circle
Discover Your Strengths
Lesson 1 - What's in the Way?
9 mins
Lesson 2 - Discover Your Superpowers
16 mins
Take the Superpower Quiz
Lesson 3 - Core Principles
5 mins
Tool - Flexing Your Strengths
430 KB
Tool - The Reframe/Rebuttal
221 KB
Tool - Flexing Core Principles
59.8 KB
Foolproof Preparation
Lesson 1 - Introduction to the 5th Grade Framework
4 mins
Lesson 2 - Why
5 mins
Lesson 3 - Who
7 mins
Lesson 4 - When
8 mins
Lesson 5 - Where
8 mins
Lesson 6 - What and How
7 mins
Bonus - Simon Sinek's Ted Talk on the Power of Why
Tool - Blended Audiences Tips
35.5 KB
Tool - Fifth Grade Framework Worksheet
107 KB
Tool - Timeframe Preparation Checklists
315 KB
Tool - In-Person Prep Checklist
208 KB
Tool - Virtual Prep Checklist
219 KB
Present Like a Pro
Lesson 1 - The Moment Before
6 mins
Lesson 2 - Activate Your Voice
17 mins
Lesson 3 - Interactive Presenting.mp4
16 mins
Lesson 4 - Dealing with Difficult People
14 mins
Tool - Moment Before
170 KB
Tool - Vocal Warmup
210 KB
Tool - Question Builder
175 KB
Tool - Dealing with Doubters
4.98 MB
Mastering Anxiety and Continuous Improvement
Lesson 1 - This is Your Brain on Presentations
12 mins
Lesson 2 - Power of Reflection
5 mins
Lesson 3 - Plan for Success
7 mins
Tool - Be Your Own Coach
179 KB
Tool - Build an Experiment
92.4 KB
Bonus - Circle of Influence versus Circle of Control
Some Helpful Books